New Dawn
for African Healthcare

Welcome to Elite Pharmaceutical Industries (EPI), where we believe in a better future for Africa’s healthcare.

At EPI, we understand the healthcare challenges in Africa, and we are committed to providing affordable, high-quality medical devices and pharmaceutical products to hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. Our products include automatic disposable safety hypodermic syringes, infusion therapy sets, Vacutainer Tubes, and more.

Our Mission

To reduce the dependency on imported sub-standard products by manufacturing international standard medical products and sundries.

Our Vision

To become a regional market leader by offering a wide range of quality products at competitive prices.

Cutting-Edge Medical Products
to Africa

We are proud to be the first company in Africa to
introduce an auto-disable syringe with a double safety feature and sharp injury protection technology. With over a billion units in collective annual production capacity, we use the highest technological and advanced machinery across our product lines.

We believe that every African deserves access to world-class healthcare services. That’s why we have made a multimillion-dollar commitment to delivering high-tech global innovations from our strategic European partnerships. We are setting a new standard for healthcare services in the market.

Across Africa, health centres are often overwhelmed by the number of patients or have medical supply shortages, and as a result, syringes and needles are often reused. This has led to many infections and deaths due to the spread of deadly diseases. We are working to resolve this problem by manufacturing and supplying affordable, high-quality medical devices and pharmaceutical products

Join us in building a healthier future for Africa. We are Elite Pharmaceutical Industries, and we believe in a healthier life for a better Africa.